How To Get Started

Welcome! Thank you for purchasing How To Tame Your Hectic Schedule & Get Things Done!

Have you ever purchased a planner with dreams of it simplifying your life and getting everything done only to stick it on the shelf to gather dust?

Me too. The problem is that most planners, when used the way they are designed to be used, will not have enough room for your “working homeschool mom life”.

But that stops here!

This workbook is specifically designed to help you fit your work life, homeschool life, and mom life into any planner you love. Step-by-step.

In this workbook, you’ll discover:

  1. Why that planner you love isn’t working
  2. How to find your focus, and why it matters
  3. The 3 step magic formula
  4. How to pull it all together
  5. How to make it work for you, personally
  6. How to maintain your plan as your life changes

It has printable planning pages you can use over and over again! 

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