Take Charge Of Your Life Mastermind & Accountability Group Membership

Take Control Of Your Life

Does any of this sound like you?

  • You have so much to do and not enough time to do it.
  • You go to bed exhausted but you can't sleep because you keep going over your to-do list
  • You feel overwhelmed and guilty because you can't seem to get done what you need to do, let alone what you want.
  • You know you need help, but you don't even know where to start.

I’ve been in your shoes. When I first started working outside the home full time, juggling work, the kids, homeschooling and all the other parts of my life it was so overwhelming, I actually burnt out. I ended up so tired, I was ill and depressed -- and I wasn't the only one suffering.

I was ready to just quit. All I wanted to do was curl up and go back to bed.

But of course, that wasn't possible. I had to figure out how to manage to do all of what I needed to do. And that's exactly what I did.

This mastermind and accountability group is the result of that process.

It works EVERY TIME!

Hey! I'm Jen. I'm a working (and work-at-home) homeschool mom. I've developed a time management system to help you regain control of your life! This proven system works no matter if you work outside the home or inside the home. Let's boost your confidence and take back control!

Welcome to the Take Charge of Your Life Mastermind & Accountability Group.

When you're so overwhelmed, you don't know where to start. You don't know how to make it better. But in this two-week mastermind, you will receive daily lessons and accountability that walk you, step by step, down the path to relief.

Imagine having a reasonable, attainable schedule. Imagine only putting something on your calendar if it's important to you. Imagine directing your days with confidence, instead of desperately chasing after them. Imagine staying calm when things get busy because you've got a good plan in place.

By the end of our two-week mastermind, you will know exactly:

  • How to create a simple- and realistic- schedule that works for you.
  • How to actually use the planner you have.
  • How to prioritize what's most important and find your focus.
  • How to maintain your plan, even when life throws a curveball.

Here's exactly what you'll be getting when you register for Taking Charge of your Life Mastermind & Accountability Group.

  • The Tame Your Hectic Schedule Workbook.
  • Access to our interactive Exclusive Facebook Group.
  • Daily check-ins, with in-depth explanations, extra information, and challenges for two weeks.
  • Inspirational and tutorial videos.
  • Printable worksheets and checklists.
  • Q&A sessions with me - Jen!
  • BONUS: You have access to all the content in Teachable such as the workbook, checklists, worksheets and videos, and bonuses for the lifetime of Practical, By Default.com.

Don't waste one more week pushing through the chaos. You can take the right step towards conquering the chaos. I'll be right there with you, holding your hand to help you reach the other side.

You can take charge of your life. You can tame your hectic schedule.

Won't you join us?

This course is closed for enrollment.

“Managing the demands of homeschooling, motherhood and still maintaining your sanity is dependent on a system that requires planning. Often that is easier said than done. As a new homeschool and working mom taking this course provided a way to organize my day in order to prioritize myself and others.” – Mattea

Take A Peek At Exactly What We Will Cover Below:

Course Curriculum

  Day 1: Getting Ready
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Day 7: Making It Work For You.
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days after you enroll
  What's Next? Final Thoughts
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Your Instructor


Hello, My name is Jen!

I'm a working (and work-at-home) homeschool mom, based here in beautiful Nova Scotia, Canada. I'm married with 2 gorgeous, super talented kids (ok, so I'm a little biased, but they are GREAT kids!!), and we've been homeschooling for over 14 years.

A few years ago, I returned to work, and while it hasn't always been easy, it's been the best for our family. I am the writing voice, blogger, and coffee drinker behind Practical, By Default. I help working parents by providing practical tips for balancing career, home & homeschooling.

My goal with my blog, my resources, and everything that I create, is and has always been to support the working homeschool mom.

I believe every working mom can homeschool their children while enjoying life. You just need a little help, a little inspiration, a little encouragement, and a BIG dose of motivation to keep going when things get tough.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have access to the course?

You’ll get lifetime access to all the downloads, so you can always come back when you need to tame your hectic schedule again. The Mastermind and Accountability group (including access to me!) is for 3 full weeks. The Exclusive Facebook Group will then be archived. However, you will have access to the resources for as long as you are a member of that group.

BONUS: You have access to all the content in Teachable such as the workbook, checklists, worksheets and videos, and bonuses for the lifetime of Practical, By Default.com.

AND you will be invited to go through the course again each time it re-opens with new content.

What if I already bought the Tame your Hectic Schedule Workbook? Can I still join?

Absolutely! In fact, if you email me a copy of your receipt, I'll send you a coupon for this Mastermind to take 60% off the price of the Mastermind Group.

What if I already bought the Take Charge Of Your Life SELF-GUIDED Course? Can I still join?

Absolutely! In fact, if you email me a copy of your receipt, I'll send you a coupon for this Mastermind to take the price of the self-guided course off.

How much time will this take each day?

I understand you are very busy! Each lesson will take about 20 minutes of your time to do, depending on how many interruptions you get ;) The pre-recorded videos will be short and the LIVE Mastermind sessions will depend on the questions. You can always watch the replay and pause it when needed. This way you'll be able to go through everything within 10 days without having to sacrifice family time or feel like you're falling behind.

Do I need any special equipment?

No. You need access to the internet and a device such as your computer, tablet, or phone. You also need a Facebook account in order to join the Exclusive Facebook Group. You will need a planing system which we will talk about in the course.

What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 5 days and we will give you a full refund.

This course is closed for enrollment.