Working Mom Practical Goals & Accountability Group

A 12 week supportive community for working mamas who want to reach their goals.

Do you ever feel like you are self-sabotaging your business, your goals, your dreams?

You know the goal you want to reach and you have an idea of how to get there but every time you turn around you find yourself not making the time to actually work towards your goals?

Being a mom is tough. Everyone else's needs seem to come first. You have no problem finding that extra 30 minutes to help your child. You say "yes" to helping your co-worker research that project yet somehow you never find the time to work on your own goals.

You find yourself distracted by other tasks, lacking motivation, and pushing your own goals off for "another day".

How do you get over it? How do you make yourself see that your own business, goals, and dreams are as equally important so you can carve out time for it?

Hey! I'm Jen. I'm a working (and work-at-home) homeschool mom. I've developed a time management system to help you break down your "someday" goals and take action today. This proven system works no matter if you work outside the home or inside the home. Let's boost your confidence and reach your goals!

Goals + Daily Action + Support = Reaching Your Dreams

I'm not gonna lie, its HARD!

When I first started my dream of helping other working moms, that dream seemed impossible. I was working full time, running a household, and homeschooling two small children.

I knew nothing about how to start, run, or maintain a business. Not only would I need to find the time to work on my goal, but I also had to find the time to learn all the things.

There were days I felt so alone. I had no one to talk to about it or to hold me accountable. While I was in the early stages I felt overwhelmed by this MASSIVE goal I wanted to tackle. I felt lost, lonely, and pulled in a million directions all while second-guessing every decision I made!

I’m here to tell you, there’s an easier way.

The key turning point for me was finding a few working moms who were also working on their own goals. Finally, I had someone to bounce ideas off of, to remind me why I started in the first place, and to keep me on track by checking in.

Once I started to break down my goals and take daily action, I could feel a boost in my confidence. I learned a system of putting those goals to paper and turning it into a plan of action!

The Working Mom Practical Goals & Accountability Group is my 12 week program where we'll work closely together to set up your goals! (Over 60 hours of Coaching, Value $600.00)

Do you want to reach your goals this year?

Turn "someday" into NOW.

Do this one thing: Get an Accountability Partner!

Why? Because Accountability is powerful and one of the BEST ways to motivate yourself to take action.

If we believe someone is watching us we behave differently. If we know someone is "checking in" we want to make sure we have something to share.

To help you do this, the Working Mom Practical Goals & Accountability Group includes:

1. Daily Personal Coaching: In the Accountability Group, E-mail or Messenger!
2. Bi- Weekly LIVE Personal Video Q&A, Co-Working Sessions or Training Sessions with me.
3. Weekly Time Management, Productivity, and Goal Setting Tasks

Introducing 12 Week Goals & Accountability Practical Planner + LIVE Accountability Group

12 Week Accountability & Mentorship Program:

The 12 week accountability & mentorship program is where you'll have the guidance and accountability from me, a working homeschool mom who knows what it is like. I have have big dreams just like you!

Because I don’t know about you, but I know that I’m much more successful at taking action and thinking bigger when I’m surrounded by others who are on the same journey as me. When I know someone will be checking in on me, asking me how I am doing, and cheering me on, I find myself working harder to reach my goals!

What's Included?

For 12 Weeks You Will Get:

  • Weekly personal motivation to set your weekly goals
  • Daily accountability check-ins
  • Weekly tasks & tips to help you reach your goals including time management and productivity strategies
  • Weekly LIVE videos question & answer sessions and tutorials with me
  • Motivational quotes, videos

I'll be in the group daily to answer your questions, brainstorm solutions to roadblocks, and cheering you on!

When you purchase you’ll get immediate access to the printable planner and a link to join our Accountability Facebook Group.

I don't know about you but I work better with a visual reminder of my goals and a plan!

This is why I've created the 12 Week Goals & Accountability Practical Planner to help working moms create just like you create a step by step plan and crush your goals!

Let's Take A Look Inside:

#1. Yearly Goal Setting Pages

These (undated) yearly goal setting pages will help you plan out your goals and set your top 3 priorities over 12 weeks. All months are included so you can reuse them over and over again!

#2. 12 Week Plan At A Glance

The at a glance pages help you see exactly the milestones you want to reach to move you forward as well as see how far you've come!

#3. Break It Down Pages

Have you ever looked at your massive goal and wanted to give up instantly? I have! Use these pages to help you overcome that fear and crush your goals, one small step at a time!

#4. Weekly Overview Planning Pages

Weekly planning pages help you start your week with intention, stay accountable through the week, and reflect on what worked and what didn't.

Bonuses Make Everything Better!

Everyone likes bonuses... SO, not only are you going to get the step-by-step workbook to taming your busy schedule but you will also get…

Trello board

Bonus: Trello Board 12 Week Goals ($9.99 Value, Yours FREE)

Are you having trouble keeping all the things organized in reaching your goals? You are always on the go but never remember to bring your paper planner with you? Ugh!

Trello to the rescue! Many working moms love the ease of using Trello to organize their work, homeschool, and life. NOW you can use it to help you reach your goals!


Can I use the Free version of Trello?

Absolutely! All you need is the free version of Trello to use these templates.

Can I completely edit this template?

Absolutely! You can add/remove/edit all the fields and make it work perfectly for your goals!

Bonus: 5 Day FAST TRACK Goal Setting Mini Course ($12.99 Value, Yours Free)

Are you having a hard time figuring out what goals you should be working on for the next 12 weeks?

When it comes to setting goals, you either end up setting HUGE MASSIVE goals and getting overwhelmed and quitting. Or you set small goals to avoid the whole “that’s too big” problem and then the goal doesn't even seem worth the effort and you quit.

What if you had a proven plan?

The fast track goal setting mini course will help you set a goal for the next 12 weeks. It is a road map you can use again and again to not only set your goal but reach it.

5 Day FAST TRACK Goal Setting Mini Course:

  1. Goal Setting: 5 Tips To Help You Choose Your Goal
  2. Goal Setting: SMART Goal Setting
  3. Goal Setting: Research & Question To Consider
  4. Goal Setting: Make It Real To You
  5. Goal Setting: Where & How To Get Support

Bonus Reference: 5 Step Daily Plan To Laser Focus

What if you had focused, dedicated time to work towards reaching your goals?

I created The 5 Step Daily Plan To Laser Focus for working moms because I firmly believe that small actions = big results.

It is specifically designed to help you work on your goals for a small amount of time each day. Step-by-step.

The 5 Step Daily Plan To Laser Focus is:

  1. Day 1: One Question
  2. Day 2: Avoiding Distractions
  3. Day 3: Silencing The Mind
  4. Day 4: Deadlines Are Your Friend
  5. Day 5: Why We Need To Make It Important

The 5 Step Daily Plan To Laser Focus includes a bonus printable workbook, video content and worksheets. At the end of the 5 steps you'll know exactly how to focus your mind and get things done!

Your Instructor


Hello, My name is Jen!

I'm a working (and work-at-home) homeschool mom, based here in beautiful Nova Scotia, Canada. I'm married with 2 gorgeous, super talented kids (ok, so I'm a little biased, but they are GREAT kids!!), and we've been homeschooling for over 14 years.

A few years ago, I returned to work, and while it hasn't always been easy, it's been the best for our family. I am the writing voice, blogger, and coffee drinker behind Practical, By Default. I help working parents by providing practical tips for balancing career, home & homeschooling.

My goal with my blog, my resources, and everything that I create, is and has always been to support the working homeschool mom.

I believe every working mom can homeschool their children while enjoying life. You just need a little help, a little inspiration, a little encouragement, and a BIG dose of motivation to keep going when things get tough.

Course Curriculum

  Done-For-You Trello Board
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Setting Goals That Make Sense For 2021
Available in days
days after you enroll

“I have never been a part of an accountability group before and underestimated the encouragement and value I would get from the experience. I accomplished two major goals that would have been difficult without the daily check-ins. I hit a “wall” a couple of times because life happens but I was able to pick up, regroup and begin again. Definitely give this group a try.” – Mattea Padilla

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
You have access to all the content in Teachable such as the planner, Trello board, videos, and bonuses for the lifetime of Practical, By The LIVE Accountability & Mentorship Program is 12 Weeks long.
How long do I have access to the course?
You have access to all the content in Teachable such as the planner, Trello board, videos, and bonuses for the lifetime of Practical, By The LIVE videos will be added so you can re-watch them as needed. The "Accountability & Mentorship Group" is for 12 weeks only.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 5 days and we will give you a full refund.
Do I need any special equipment?
No. You need access to the internet and a device such as your computer, tablet, or phone. You also need a Facebook account in order to join the exclusive Facebook Group. Lastly, you may want a printer to print off your beautiful 12 week planner and all the other bonus worksheets, checklists, etc.

I admit that after the group started on Facebook daily, I only really used that. I don't think I've logged into your teachable portal since that first day.

I wanted to use the trello board, but my life is so fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants that I never did with success. I'm bad at extras, so honestly, I didn't really even watch most of the videos - even when I intended to - and I never downloaded any of the bonuses you put together. (Sorry. I'm just too scatterbrained and never really use extras).

The daily checkins were my fave part. I've been part of accountability groups before but they never really work. Having you ask what to do in the morning and then checking in at night made me stay on task more than usual.

IT also helped control my urge to write down ALL THE THINGS but decide what were the most important.

That is my feedback. In truth, I would probably be willing to pay just for that daily accountability to work towards my main goals even without all the extras. And that's the truth. 🙂

I loved your program. I love how you put it together and encouraged everyone along the way, kept each of us on task, and helped us work towards our goals even though life was really stupid right now.

-Lisa, Student During COVID 19

What do I get exactly with this program?

That's a great question. Here’s EXACTLY what you’ll be getting when you register for Working Mom Practical Goals & Accountability Group.

For the lifetime of Practical, By, you have access to:

✔️12 Week Goals & Accountability Practical Planner (This is printable, use it right away!)
✔️ Done-For-You Trello Board
✔️ 5 Day FAST TRACK Goal Setting Mini Course
✔️Bonuses! Any extra worksheets, checklists, e-courses created to help you move forward!

For 12 Weeks You Will Have Access To In The Accountability & Mentorship Program:

✔️Access to our interactive Exclusive Facebook Group
✔️Weekly "Set Your Intention"
✔️Daily check-ins and accountability
✔️Inspirational quotes and tutorial videos
✔️Weekly "Coffee Chats" that will be filled with productivity tips, time management tips, and tools to help you keep moving forward
✔️Q&A sessions with me (Jen!)
✔️I'll be in the group DAILY to help you brainstorm solutions, overcome roadblocks, and be your personal cheerleader!
✔️Bonuses! Any extra worksheets, checklists, e-courses created to help you move forward!

This course is closed for enrollment.